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, mouse, trackball, etc. , modems, servers, wireless network cards, or wifi access points ); Hardware for getting the Internet through television and Internet access for such hardware for pupils’ houses ; Non – custom assistive technology devices to be used by pupils with special needs Software available for Orange County schools: Purchased with General Purpose Coupons – Any non – custom computer software titles ( any system ) that are created for use on any qualifying hardware ( see Components above ); purchased with Software Vouchers – Special categories of applications supplied by any software publisher or vendor, including: OS, word-processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Desktop relational database oriented towards single customers and commonly living on a regular PC, web authoring, Productiveness and / or Productivity write essay my childhood days Suite, Encyclopedia, Host, including client access permits, Suitable software included with a computer purchased with all the General Purpose Vouchers IT Support Services available for Orange County schools: The installation and maintenance along with solutions that mainly involve the care of hardware procured through this Settlement of software procured by means of this Settlement. Both the General Purpose and Applications Orange County universities may apply vouchers in a amount no greater compared to the standard academic price , or whether an educational price is unavailable , in an amount to not exceed the regular or conventional price created vendor or by the maker for such software . ); Gear needed for marketing and infrastructure ( e.g. Concerning The Writer Stacy composes exciting perspectives and news on school issues and has a nose for research . To find out more on Orange County universities visit This article was posted on June 13, 2006

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Professional Development Providers readily available for Orange County schools: Professional development providers directed entirely at leadership development for school administrators in using education technology to improve understanding in the site or region ; Professional development services directed exclusively at common curriculum development and instructional strategies which utilize educational technologies to improve teaching ; Professional development services focused solely at the advancement of engineering integration for almost any software title got through this Settlement ; Coaching in the use of any equipment or software title acquired through this Negotiation ; Certification coaching for applications and networking What Schools are Eligible Orange County public-school districts with a state – approved engineering plan may employ for their eligible schools . Orange County offices of education, direct – funded charter schools, and State Specific Schools do not need to fulfill the state – approved engineering plan requirement and will use on their very own benefit. This list provides examples of services and suitable goods that might be bought with one or another kind of the coupons: Any new notebook, desktop, or tablet pc for just about any OS platform ; Peripheral products: printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards, pointing devices ( e.g. ” Qualified Schools, ” as described in the Settlement Contract, means all public kindergarten-through twelfth-grade colleges at which at least 40 per cent of the attending students qualify for free or reduced cost meals through the National School Lunch Program ( NSLP ). Expert advancement services and iT have to be gotten from approved providers in Orange County schools. Applications Coupons may only be utilized to purchase special categories of software ( listed below ) which are published or marketed by any applications provider. General-Purpose Coupons might be used to buy special hardware ( listed below ), any non – custom software for that hardware, evaluation tools, information-technology ( IT ) services, and professional advancement services.

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